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Project RISE Expanded Summary

Pasco County Schools has been working relentlessly on this plan to ensure that all students have Relevant, Inspiring, Supportive Experiences (RISE). We are determined to make sure that this important equity work is moving forward, and we are fully committed to providing additional supports to our students. Project RISE Expanded does that and more!



  • Hudson High School - implementation of Cambridge and AVID in 20-21, and remodel starting in summer 2021, with target completion in Aug. 2023.
  • Hudson Middle School - implementation of Cambridge and AVID in 20-21; building refresh starting in summer 2020, with target completion in Aug. 2021; and redesign as a 4th – 8th grade school.  During the one-year renovation, HMS students will be housed at Crews Lake Middle School.
  • Hudson Elementary School – closure of the school at the end of the 19-20 school year, with a recommendation to rezone students to Northwest Elementary and/or Gulf Highlands Elementary commencing in February 2020.  A public hearing and school board vote are scheduled for April 2020.  Impacted families will be able to submit a hardship choice application.
  • Northwest Elementary School - implementation of Cambridge in 20-21; remodel starting in summer 2020, with target completion in Aug. 2021; and redesign as a pre-K – 3 center.  During the one-year renovation, NWES students will be housed at Hudson Elementary School.
  • In addition to revised grade configurations, the Hudson Pre-K – 12 Complex will add capacity for tailored space to provide wraparound services, access for PCPT, and enhanced walkability around campus.
  • Community School Program
    • Wellness supports would include behavioral and mental health, dental care, vision services, and physical health services.
    • Expanded learning opportunities would include after-school enrichment activities, student tutoring, and extra-curricular activities.
    • Family and community engagement would involve events such as dinners and Lunch and Learn trainings; parent training and support workshops; and help with Medicaid, SNAP, Florida KidCare, and/or Affordable Care Act enrollment.
    • Community collaboration will be key to success and will require a direct link to services for the needs of all age groups and a board of directors comprising representation from all three schools. It also will involve partnerships with health, family support, faith-based, and government organizations.


We will continue to move forward with the following (timelines are tentative):

  • Implementation of Middle Years Program (International Baccalaureate) at Gulf Middle in 20-21 and future capital improvements.
  • Implementation of Primary Years Program (International Baccalaureate) at Richey Elementary in 21-22.
  • Implementation of Cambridge at Sunray Elementary as a Cambridge School in 21-22.
  • Implementation of Cambridge at Gulf Trace Elementary as a Cambridge School in 21-22.
  • Implementation of Cambridge at Gulfside Elementary as a Cambridge School in 21-22.

The expanded plan goes beyond adding these programs; it involves STEM/STEAM and capital projects, as follows:


  • Re-design of James M. Marlowe Elementary as a STEAM magnet school for implementation in 22-23.
  • Implementation of STEAM magnet at Centennial Elementary in 22-23.
  • Construction of East Side Technical High School scheduled to open in Aug. 2022
  • Construction of 6 – 12 STEM/STEAM magnet in Land O’ Lakes tentatively scheduled to open in Aug. 2023.
  • Construction of K – 8 STEM/STEAM magnet in Wesley Chapel tentatively scheduled to open in Aug. 2024.
  • One page summary for STEM
  • One page summary for STEAM
  • Video link



  • Construction of Cypress Creek Middle opening in Aug. 2020.
  • Construction of PHSC Instructional Performing Arts Center (IPAC) at Cypress Creek Middle and High opening Aug. 2020.
  • Construction of Starkey K – 8 opening in Aug. 2021.
  • Renovations at Gulf High beginning summer 2021, with completion in 2023.

DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS – Inspire the Future

This plan is based on data from Pasco County students and scholarly studies and is designed with the goal of providing equity and hope for all students by offering rigorous courses and programs throughout the district.

International Baccalaureate - A 2015 study by Gordon, VanderKamp and Halic found that low income students in DP (IB) Title 1 schools enrolled in college at similar rates as all DP students in U.S. public schools (79% compared to 82% respectively) and at much higher rates than the national average for all low-income students (46%).

As the district has added Cambridge and more Advanced Placement offerings, the number of students enrolled in IB programs has decreased from 1,812 to 1,689, but the number of IB Diplomas has increased from 79 to 87.

Cambridge International EducationFrom “AICE-ing the Test to Earning the Degree by Carmen Vidal Rodeiro, Cara Crawford, and Stuart Shaw examined college enrollment and graduation (two stakeholder concerns) for a cohort of high school students who earned a Cambridge AICE diploma in 2011. They found that the five-year graduation rate of Cambridge Diploma public school students was 9 percent higher than the six-year graduation rate of U.S. students overall (67% compared to 58%).

Since the 2016-2017 school year, Pasco County Schools increased the number of students enrolled in Cambridge from 1,662 to 3,024, and the number of AICE Diplomas earned from 17 to 73.

Advanced Placement – Based on data from the College Board, students who scored a 2 or higher on an AP exam were more likely than other students to earn a bachelor’s degree within four years. Only 11 percent of students with neither AP nor Dual Enrollment courses earn a 4-year degree within four years, while 32 percent who scored a 2 or higher on an AP exam and 50 percent of those who scored an average 4 or 5 do.

Since the 2016-2017 school year, Pasco County Schools increased the number of students taking AP classes from 11,715 to 13,815 and the number of AP Capstone Diplomas from 22 to 32. In 2019, Pasco County Schools earned a spot on the 10th Annual AP® District Honor Roll. Since 2015, Pasco County Schools has seen an 8.3 percent AP participation increase and a 13.4 percent performance increase (scores of 3+).

Dual Enrollment – Since the 2016-2017 school year, Pasco County Schools increased the number of students taking Dual Enrollment courses from 16,915 to 19,521, and the number of students who earned their A.A. degree while still in high school increased from 30 to 47.

Offering these advanced course options to students saved Pasco County families more than $8 million in college tuition costs last school year alone!


In two recent ThoughtExchange surveys, our families asked for “continued access to STEM activities” and “learning environments that include hands-on activities.” Since 2013, Pasco County Schools has responded to the wishes of our community by adding or expanding:

  • STEM and STEAM magnet schools (1 current STEAM elementary, 2 current STEM middle, 3 proposed)
  • IB offerings at more schools and grade levels (from 2 high schools to a total of 4 middle and high schools currently and 3 proposed middle and elementary schools)
  • Cambridge (5 current and 6 proposed)
  • AP offerings
  • Dual Enrollment offerings
  • AVID
  • AP Capstone schools (4 current and 2 proposed)
  • Performing arts-focused programs (2 current and 3 proposed, including IPAC)
  • K – 8 magnet schools (2 proposed)
  • New Teacher Academy
  • CTE academies
  • Industry certifications (2,424 in 18-19)
  • Collegiate High School
  • Technical High Schools (1 existing and 1 opening in 2022)


In Pasco County Schools, we embrace our collective responsibility and shared belief that the primary responsibility of each member of the organization is to ensure high levels of learning for every child. We believe all students can learn at high levels and that each child matters. This is our plan to continue to carry out our obligation, and we pledge to build on it well into the future.

For questions about the impacted schools, innovative programs, or anything else related to Project RISE Expanded, please email