School Safety

Student safety is our top propriety at Pasco County Schools. Each year, we update our crisis response plans and work with local law enforcement so that we are prepared to respond appropriately to a variety of emergency situations. In cooperation with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, we maintain school safety Facebook and Twitter sites. These sites are where you can go to find the most current and accurate information in a crisis. Keep in mind that it may be in the best interests of students & staff safety for us to wait to publicize information in an emergency. However, if you want the real story, like our Facebook page at, and follow us on Twitter at

  • Controlled campus: A POTENTIAL threat or safety concern exists that requires a greater degree of control.
  • Lockdown: A direct threat to the school campus, staff, or student body.
  • Parents WILL NOT be allowed on campus and will be provided instruction as to a reunification location and time, if necessary. This is to ensure the safety of the students and so a parent is not misidentified as a potential threat to the school.
  • Pasco Sheriff’s Office and school personnel actively train for such occurrences and work as one cohesive unit to ensure campus safety. Allowing any interruption or unauthorized visitors during these occurrences will only cause confusion and delay the assessment of the potential threat and could jeopardize all students’ safety.
  • Parents will not be allowed on campus to pick up children for even regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments until a lockdown is over. Interference or disruption during these occurrences from ANYONE coming on campus could subject them to arrest, as your child’s safety is our first priority.
  • Official information during these occurrences will be disseminated using our Pasco Sheriff’s School Safety social media sites. This information will be vetted from the affected school through collaboration of Sheriff’s and school personnel. Other unofficial sources often confuse or add misinformation to situations that have not been confirmed. This includes your child calling you and not having factual information.
  • The affected school during an occurrence will receive more phone calls than personnel will be able to answer. Do not call the school during this time as emergency responders will also be calling to acquire information about the alleged incident and additional phone calls to the school could block the phone lines.
  • The Pasco Sheriff’s Office and school personnel always do their best to ensure every child’s safety on campus, and we ask all parents and guardians to have patience and trust during these situations.

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