2015-2016 School Year Boundaries

Pasco County Schools' Department of Planning provides boundary information in several different formats suited to the individual needs of each visitor. In addition to the interactive maps, files, and database listed below, you may also download a copy of our full school location map. If you have questions or comments regarding our boundary information, please contact Planning Services directly.


Click Here for Important Information Regarding 2016-2017 School Year Boundaries


Explore our Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are available for elementary, middle, and high school boundaries. Click on the map next to the search result to identify the school.

These maps are most useful for those looking to purchase a home in Pasco County, or for anyone wishing to see a general overview of boundaries as a whole.

Search by Address

2015-2016 School Year Boundary Database (This Year)

2016-2017 School Year Boundary Database (Next Year)

Allows you to search by address for all three school boundaries at once. Useful for those already living in Pasco and those with children just entering school. 

KML Files/GIS Data

KML files are available for elementary, middle, and high school boundaries. These files can be imported into programs such as Google Earth (useful for real estate professionals).

ESRI Shapefiles are available here for use with GIS applications.

Individual School Boundary Maps

Listed below are boundary area maps for each Pasco County elementary, middle, and high school. Please keep in mind that these maps indicate boundaries for the 2015-2016 school year (unless otherwise noted), and are subject to change.

Elementary School Maps