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How to Close a Home Education Program

Written Notice of Termination:

The parent shall file a written notice of termination upon completion of the home education program with the district school superintendent, along with the annual evaluation required in Florida Statute 1002.41(1)(f), within 30 days of said termination.

To close your Home Education Program you may use our Letter to Close Home Education Program or send us an email at homeed@pasco.k12.fl.us, that includes the student’s full legal First and Last name, date of birth, Pasco County student ID (if you have a Pasco County student ID), the parent’s First and Last name, address and phone number along with the date in which your program will be closed. Please note we can only accept letters to close your Home Education Program within 30 days of closure.

Transitioning Home Education Program to another District:

Should there be a change of residence, but do not wish to terminate the home education program in Florida, the parent should notify the new district to which the child is moving to that they are transferring their home education program to the new district and provide the previous district with information on the change in district. The previous district shall simply close out the student’s files. A home education transfer between districts does not require the parent to terminate the home education program (as they are not terminating; simply moving) and the parent does not need to provide an annual evaluation to the previous district.

Transitioning from Home Education to Elementary or Middle School:

When a student who meets legal age requirements transfers from a home education program, the principal is responsible for appropriate placement. Placement in the same grade as that recommended by the parent/guardian is not automatic. A four to six week screening period will be allowed from the time of enrollment, in order to assist with placement adjustments. An administrative placement decision may be made in consultation with the teacher(s), other appropriate staff, and parents/guardians. Serious consideration is to be given screening results.

Transitioning from Home Education to High School:

High School students who transfers in as a full-time District School Board of Pasco County student from a home education program will be awarded credits based on official transcripts and shall be accepted at face value subject to validation if required by the receiving school’s accreditation.

If validation of the official transcript is deemed necessary for accreditation purposes by the receiving school and the student is a home education student, then credits or grades shall be validated through performance during the first grading period. A student transferring into a school shall be placed at the appropriate sequential course level. A high school student should have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 after the first grading period in order to receive credit.

Home Education Transfer of Credits. (This information is to assist parents and school officials regarding transcripts when enrolling in a public or private high school.)

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