Regular School Choice is closed for the 2018-19 school year. To report a change of address, please notify your school's front office and provide proof of address. The administrator or designee at the school will provide you with a form that may be completed. Once returned to the school and accepted, this will authorize continued enrollment out of zone through the highest grade served in that school, unless it is determined that enrollment out of zone negatively impacts the student's education.


2018-19 List of Frozen Schools

Informational Guidelines

School Choice Open Enrollment

School Choice and Magnet requests provide an opportunity for students to attend a public school other than the student’s assigned attendance boundary school, as long as the requested school is not at capacity.  The parent/guardian must submit a School Choice/Magnet application during the established period.

This year, parents will use myStudent (the current student information system) for school choice and magnet applications.  All decisions are made based upon the Board approved Magnet Plan and the Board approved Controlled Open Enrollment Plan (anticipated changes to be approved December 19, 2018). Please note: submitting an application does not guarantee that the student will be approved.

School Choice Open Enrollment Questions and Answers for Parents


Open Enrollment Timeline

School Choice Open Enrollment Applications for the following school year will be available as follows:

For next school year (2019-20), applications may be entered through your myStudent parent portal account during the dates below:

Grade Level Application Window Opens Application Window Closes Parent Acceptance
Middle and High December 3, 2018 December 14, 2018 February 5-15, 2019
Elementary January 8, 2019 January 18, 2019 February 20 - March 1, 2019


Requests to attend a Pasco County school, if you live in another county, will not require a release from your home county.  Per HB 7029, Out of District Students may not displace Pasco's students.


Applications are required if families wish for students to attend a non-zoned school or magnet program or school.

If you have a student currently on School Choice, you need to reapply if the student will be moving to the next grade level (Elementary to Middle - 5th to 6th grade) OR (Middle to High - 8th to 9th grade).


*Students with current IEP’s or 504 plan’s 

If you have initially applied for the McKay Scholarship and wish to use it for public school choice, you must also submit a school choice application during our open enrollment period (please see the chart above) to be considered for your school of choice.


School Choice Decisions

While the school district makes every effort to accommodate school choice requests, many of the schools are critically overcrowded (at or above 90% capacity).  Please understand that every effort is made to accommodate your request.


Appeals process:

Appeals can only be made in writing; we do not accept appointments or meet with parents to discuss situations as a committee makes those decisions.
Appeals must be submitted no later than seven (7) calendar days from the date notification was sent. To register an appeal, please reply to the email notification and provide NEW information to be considered. Please understand that every effort was made to accommodate open enrollment/school choice requests. All appeals will be reviewed by the appeals committee and all decisions are considered final.
Appeals may be faxed to (813) 794-2915 or sent via email to



Transportation is not provided for students who choice into another school.



The District’s middle and high school interscholastic athletic program adheres to the rules and policies of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA).

For more information on the policy and/or procedures, visit your school or district website or contact your schools’ athletic director. You may also reference School Board Policy 2431.01


CTE Academy and School Choice

Students wishing to enroll in a CTE Pathway Program at a school other than their zoned school must apply by filing a school choice request. Please contact the school of choice and follow their requirements for acceptance into a CTE Pathway Program.

A School Choice Application must be received and processed for the student to attend that school for the entire day. Students may not apply for the School Choice option if the CTE Academy or Program of Study in which they wish to enroll exists at the student’s home school.

Schools at or above 90% of capacity may not be available for academy requests.


Requests for residents of other counties to attend a Pasco County School

The Pasco County application must be submitted electronically, during the open enrollment timeline (see chart above).


Parental Agreement/Information

If enrollment at a school of choice is determined to negatively impact the student’s education, school choice approval may be revoked.

Your signature on the School Choice-Open Enrollment Application indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the terms and conditions regarding Pasco County School's Open Enrollment Program. Furthermore, by signing this you are verifying that you have legal authority to make educational decisions for this student and all information you have provided on this application is true and correct.  An applicant’s failure to disclose information (e.g., being subject to suspension or expulsion, staffed into exceptional student education (having a current IEP), being assigned to a Department of Juvenile Justice program, et cetera) that would be relevant to the District’s determination that the applicant could be served if accepted shall constitute grounds for revocation of approval to enroll under this policy.  Any incorrect or false information provided in reference to this application will be grounds for denial or immediate revocation of school choice approval.

Pasco County School's Open Enrollment Plan for school choice, approved by the School Board and the Florida Department of Education, can be accessed online.

For questions regarding policies and procedures or questions regarding the completion of the application, please contact us via email at

Please print a copy of these guidelines for your records.