Regular School Choice is closed for the 2018-19 school year. To report a change of address, please notify your school's front office and provide proof of address. The administrator or designee at the school will provide you with a form that may be completed. Once returned to the school and accepted, this will authorize continued enrollment out of zone through the highest grade served in that school, unless it is determined that enrollment out of zone negatively impacts the student's education.


2018-19 List of Frozen Schools

2019-20 List of Frozen Schools

Informational Guidelines

School Choice Open Enrollment

School Choice and Magnet requests provide an opportunity for students to attend a public school other than the student’s assigned attendance boundary school, as long as the requested school is not at capacity.  The parent/guardian must submit a School Choice/Magnet application during the established period.

All decisions are made based upon the Board approved Magnet Plan and the Board approved Controlled Open Enrollment Plan. Please note: submitting an application does not guarantee that the student will be approved.

School Choice Open Enrollment Questions and Answers for Parents


Open Enrollment Timeline

School Choice Open Enrollment Applications for the following school year will be available as follows:

For next school year (2019-20), applications may be entered through your myStudent parent portal account during the dates below:

Pasco Pathways Application Window

Middle and High Schools

Application Window Opens: December 3, 2018
Application Window Closes: December 14, 2018
Parent Acceptance: February 5-15, 2019

Elementary Schools

Application Window Opens: January 8, 2019
Application Window Closes: January 18, 2019
Parent Acceptance: February 20 - March 1, 2019

After Deadline Select Magnet Schools/Programs

Application Window Opens: March 28, 2019
Application Window Closes: April 5, 2019
Parent Acceptance: May 1-3, 2019

After Deadline Non-Magnet Schools

Application Window Opens: April 24, 2019
Application Window Closes: May 3, 2019
Parent Acceptance: May 22-May 24, 2019