School Choice Open Enrollment applications are accepted February 1 through March 1 of each year through an online application.

Families may submit (1) one application per child.  Multiple applications for the same student, single applications listing multiple students or single applications listing multiple schools for a single student, will not be processed.

If you have a student currently on School Choice, you need to reapply if the student will be moving to the next grade level (Elementary to Middle - 5th to 6th grade) OR (Middle to High - 8th to 9th grade).




  1. What is School Choice Open Enrollment?

    Each year from February 1 through March 1, parents are able to submit a request for their child to attend a school, other than the assigned school of attendance, for the following school year.

  2. Will an application submitted on February 1st be given preference over an application submitted March 1st?

    Applications submitted during open enrollment are given equal consideration, regardless of whether they were submitted the first day of open enrollment or the last day.

  3. What if I don’t have a computer?

    Applications are online only. Computers are available at your zoned school or the public library.

  4. Is a valid e-mail address needed in order to submit an application electronically?


  5. If a student is attending a Pasco County school via School Choice and his/her sibling will be entering a Pasco County School for the first time, in the Fall, does the parent need to fill out a School Choice application for the second child?

    Yes, this applies to all levels.

  6. If a student is attending a Pasco County school via School Choice, will his/her sibling be given priority approval?

    Placement of siblings within the same school is facilitated whenever feasible provided the appropriate educational services are available for each sibling and placement does not impact class size.

  7. Will hardship applications after the March 1 deadline be accepted?

    Only applicants with documented legal or medical hardship will be accepted after March 1. Please refer to the Guidelines for specific limited conditions.

  8. I live in Pasco but want to go to another county.

    Follow the links to the Out of County Release Application Form on the School Choice web site.

  9. What are my options if I do not get approved for my School of Choice request?

    Some additional options may be:

    • Pasco e-School
    • McKay Scholarship - If your child has an IEP or 504 plan, they may qualify for the McKay Scholarship. (Please note, if the school you requested is at or above capacity, FLDOE does not allow placement at that school through the McKay Scholarship.)
    • Florida Opportunity Scholarship - Certain schools in Pasco County may qualify for School Choice options under Florida Opportunity Scholarship. If your assigned school qualifies for this program, notification will be mailed directly from your school of attendance during the summer months with details regarding the specific program.
  10. Is transportation provided if I am approved for School Choice?

    Transportation is not provided for students who choice into another school.

  11. I reside outside of Pasco, what do I need to do?

    Out of County students must complete a School Choice application requesting a school in Pasco County by the March 1st deadline. You will not be able to enroll the student in a Pasco school until formal approval is given.  Please note, a new Florida law prevents out-of-county students from displacing Pasco's students at schools that are at or above capacity.

  12. How will I know if you received my application online?

    Once you complete the application and hit “submit”, the next page will state “STOP” along with other information pertinent to your request. It is advised that you print/save this page for your records as this will serve as your “receipt” confirming the date of submission.  You will then receive an additional email confirming receipt of your application.  If you do not receive the "STOP" page or the email, please resubmit your application

  13. When will I find out if I have been approved for my school of choice? I submitted my application within the Open Enrollment period.

    If your application was received prior to the March 1 deadline, you may expect to receive notification regarding the status of your Open Enrollment School Choice request prior to the end of the current school year. Out-of-County applicants may receive determinations later in the year.

  14. My child is currently serving Out of School Suspension or being recommended for Expulsion. Can I still request School Choice?

    No. School Choice requests for students involved in the discipline process will be addressed after the disciplinary matter has been resolved.

  15. Can students attend team tryouts or other extracurricular activities at a school of choice before they have been approved to attend the requested school?

    Students cannot participate in tryouts or other extracurricular activities at a school of choice until they have been approved to attend that school. In addition the Pasco County Schools adheres to all policies and rules of the Florida High School Athletic Association regarding transfer students.

  16. Can School Choice Open Enrollment approval be rescinded?

    Approval to attend a school of choice may be rescinded if:

    • Incorrect or false information was provided in the Application for School Choice Open Enrollment;
    • It is determined by district and/or school personnel that enrollment at a school of choice is having a negative impact on a student’s educational progress;
    • The student withdraws from a course of study that was the basis for enrollment at the school of choice.