There are several different ways that teachers can share information online with students and parents.  NEOLA School Board Policy is somewhat restrictive when it comes to school and teacher websites, for safety and other reasons.  It states that all school, school related, and teacher websites must be located on Board-affiliated servers, which means teachers are not permitted to use whatever website hosting technology they want.  Currently there are four different board approved ways for teachers to have an online web presence, which are listed below.

1.  Canvas (also known as myLearning)

Canvas is an online Learning Management System which is automatically populated each year with teachers, courses, and students.  Canvas is very powerful and can be used to do anything from posting basic homework information to offering tests and quizzes online, facilitating group discussions, providing a method for students to upload assignments, and much more.  Canvas is used by numerous colleges (including USF) and online learning institutions and schools (including Pasco eSchool) and has phone, text, and email support options available.  Canvas is our number one recommendation for teachers.  Take a self-paced online course to learn Canvas!

2.  Office 365/Sharepoint

Teachers and students have access to Office 365, which contains Sharepoint.  Sharepoint can be thought of as a storage location for your files and folders in the cloud (meaning on Microsoft's servers on the Internet.)  Documents and folders can be shared with the world if desired, so some teachers use Sharepoint as a location for files that students need access to.  Office 365 provides online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Sharepoint to students and teachers.  Office 365/Sharepoint can also be used with Canvas, so some teachers require students to complete assignments in the online version of Word and hand the assignments in using Canvas.  NOTE: Office 365's Word and OneNote both allow teachers to create pages which can be shared with students.  But pages made with Word will automatically reformat to fit any screen size, and documents made with OneNote won't.  Word is more compatible with iPads and smart phones.  Learn more about Office 365 on the OTIS DIY Tech Tips website

3.  myStudent

Our online gradebook/attendance program can be used to share files and information with students.  It's not as powerful as a sharing method as the first two options, but many teachers use it because of high student traffic.  And of course it can be used in conjunction with anything else.

4. School Website

Teachers or organizations (band, journalism, honor society, etc.) at the school can ask the webmaster to allow them to create a page or pages for team information on the existing school website. Likewise, individual teachers may ask for an information page, or pages. The webmaster can contact Susan Thomas to setup the plugin that will allow a user on the site to see only the content that they create and can edit.