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School Board Members
Allen Altman, District 1
Cynthia Armstrong, District 3
Alison Crumbley, District 4
Colleen Beaudoin, District 2
Steve Luikart, District 5

Kurt Browning

Deputy Superintendent
Ray Gadd

Assistant Superintendents
Tammy Berryhill, High Schools
Marcy Hetzler-Nettles, Middle Schools
Monica Ilse, Elementary Schools
Kim Poe, Executive Director - Elementary Schools
David Scanga, Elementary Schools

Area Superintendents
Tammy Berryhill, Southwest Region
Todd Cluff, Northwest Region
Monica Ilse, Ease Region
Dave Scanga, Central Region

Chief Finance Officer
Olga Swinson

Communications and Government Relations Director
Linda Cobbe

District operations, budget, policy, laws & legislation, testing, standards, school choice, school grading, teacher evaluations, school construction needs

Angela Anglin-Porterfield – Director, Early Childhood Programs
Terry Aunchman, Director, Career and Technical Education
Lea Mitchell – Director, Professional Development and Educator Supports
Mark Fox – Director, Maintenance and Facilities Services
Mary Grey – Director, PLACE before- and after-school care program
Julie Hedine – Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Kathy Scalise – Director, Employee Relations (professional standards and union negotiations)
Joanne Millovitsch – Director, Finance Services
Melissa Musselwhite – Director, Student Support Programs and Services (Exceptional Student Education, Student Early Warning System, Emotional & Behavioral Topics)
Christine Pejot, Esq. – Director, Human Resources and Educator Quality
John Petrashek – Director, Construction Services
Spencer Pylant – Communications & Government Relations Liaison (District Lobbyist)
Gary Sawyer – Director, Transportation
John Simon – Director, Technology and Information Systems
Mary Tillman – Director, Internal Audit
Nicole Westmoreland – Director, Purchasing
Chris Williams – Director, Planning (School locations, School Boundaries, Student Enrollment, Mapping)
Rayann Mitchell – Director, Teaching and Learning