Communications and Government Relations
Pasco County Schools Speakers Bureau

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School Board Members
Allen Altman, District 1
Cynthia Armstrong, District 3
Alison Crumbley, District 4
Colleen Beaudoin, District 2
Steve Luikart, District 5

Kurt Browning

Deputy Superintendent
Ray Gadd

Assistant Superintendents

Tammy Berryhill, High Schools

Marcy Hetzler-Nettles, Middle Schools

Monica Ilse, Priority Support Schools

Kim Poe, Executive Director - Elementary Schools

David Scanga, Elementary Schools

Chief Finance Officer
Olga Swinson

Communications and Government Relations Public Information Officer
Linda Cobbe

District operations, budget, policy, laws & legislation, testing, standards, school choice, school grading, teacher evaluations, school construction needs

Angela Anglin-Porterfield – Director, Early Childhood Programs
Terry Aunchman, Director, Career and Technical Education
Lea Mitchell – Director, Professional Development and Educator Supports
Mark Fox – Director, Maintenance and Facilities Services
Mary Grey – Director, PLACE before- and after-school care program
Julie Hedine – Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Kathy Scalise – Director, Employee Relations (professional standards and union negotiations)
Joanne Millovitsch – Director, Finance Services
Melissa Musselwhite – Director, Student Support Programs and Services (Exceptional Student Education, Student Early Warning System, Emotional & Behavioral Topics)
Christine Pejot, Esq. – Director, Human Resources and Educator Quality
John Petrashek – Director, Construction Services
Spencer Pylant – Communications & Government Relations Liaison (District Lobbyist)
Gary Sawyer – Director, Transportation
John Simon – Director, Technology and Information Systems
Mary Tillman – Director, Internal Audit
Nicole Westmoreland – Director, Purchasing
Chris Williams – Director, Planning (School locations, School Boundaries, Student Enrollment, Mapping)
Rayann Mitchell – Director, Teaching and Learning