Communications and Government Relations
Passport Guidelines for Participating Businesses

Businesses in the community are invited to offer discounts to employees of the District School Board of Pasco County. To qualify to offer a special discount to our employees, a business must meet the following requirements:

  • Important: Passport discounts must be unique for our employees and should not be offered to the community, at large. (ex: if the business is offering a 20% off sale on everything in the store on a certain day, than it will not be approved for this program. If the discount is for Pasco County School employees only, then it may be approved).
  • EPP offers must apply equally to all Pasco County School Board employees AND all Pasco County public charter school employees. You may require customers to show proof of employment (school/district ID badge or recent pay stub) before applying the discount or special offer.
  • Discounts cannot include the consumption or sale of alcohol, alcohol related products, tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • The Passport Approval Committee reserves the right to edit the text of your offer for grammar and clarity, and for adherence to these guidelines. Example: if you run a restaurant, we may add a note that your discount can not apply to alcoholic beverages.
  • Anyone wishing to offer a discount must complete a form and submit it to the Employee Benefits Department for review. This form will be available on the District web site at [url=][/url].
  • On the second week of each month, a committee consisting of at least one school representative, one district representative, one representative from the United School Employees of Pasco and one administrator will review all requests. Once requests are approved, they will be posted on the Educator Passport Program link. If a request is not approved, a letter will be sent to the business explaining why the offer was not approved. The committee decisions are final.
  • If circumstances arise which prevent the committee from meeting at its normally scheduled time, offers will be reviewed and approved/denied at the next month's meeting. Offers which are highly dependent on a particular time frame should be submitted well in advance.
  • Employees who own/manage a business such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tupperware or Home Interiors are eligible to participate if allowed to do so by the parent corporation. They will be required to provide a tax ID number like all other community members who wish to participate.
  • Business can be located within Pasco County or in any other county or state within the Continental United States. Any approved discount/special offer will be posted for a time period of one month, up to a maximum of one year.