The District School Board of Pasco County is one of the 100 largest districts in the nation and one of the fastest-growing in the state of Florida. Our nearly 10,000 employees create innumerable success stories every day. In this age of increased accountability, communicating these successes and building support for education in our community have become more important than ever. Each of us, as ambassadors of the District, has the unique opportunity to strengthen this support whenever we communicate with students, parents, educators and community members.

This page is a supplement to the District communications guide, which is produced by the Communications Department and is available in your school or department. We hope you find the materials presented here useful, and we welcome your suggestions for future improvement.


Communications Guide Downloads

Communications Guide (30mb PDF)
Press Release Template
Index of Services
Acronym Dictionary
District Fact Sheet

School Board Listing
Department Reminders
Debbie's Connect.Pasco Web Site - Graphic Design and Printing Tips
Newsletter Tips
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