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The Purchasing Services Department will maintain a relationship with IonWave for the purpose of soliciting bids/RFPs when required. In order to be eligible to bid, vendors must first complete an electronic vendor application on IonWave. Vendors are responsible for signing into IonWave and making changes to their application form including but not limited to: address, telephone number, commodity listings, etc. 

To assure the District receives the best possible service from vendors, the Superintendent or the Purchasing Director reserves the right to remove vendors from a bidder’s list for non-performance. Removal shall be for a period of not less than one (1) year but no more than three (3) years. After the suspension period expires, such vendors may have their name reinstated to active status, but only after they have sufficiently demonstrated their ability to perform responsibly. Vendors must initiate a request to be reinstated. In order to keep the bid list current, vendors who fail to respond to three solicitations, whether a no-bid or no response, may have their name removed from the bidder’s list; however, they may reapply and be reinstated at any time by written request and approval from the Superintendent or the Purchasing Agent.

Food Truck Registrations

Food truck vendors must register using the link to the form shown below. Food truck vendors will be added to the approved list after all requirements have been met, including passing an inspection by the District's Fire Official. Please make sure you are familiar with the requirements listed here and have electronic copies of the required documents available to upload before you begin completing the form.

Food truck vendors must upload these documents:

Food truck vendors must agree to meet these requirements:

Food Truck Vendor Registration Form

Food Truck Vendor Approved List