Purchasing Services
Field Trips and Fundraisers

Field Trips

Field Trip contracts do not require approval from Purchasing Services and do not need to be entered into Munis. Please follow the internal procedures of seeking approval from the School Administrator and Assistant Superintendent (if needed).

District-Wide Field Trip Agreement

NOTE: When contracting with this vendor, please contact to obtain written confirmation of booking. When making a payment, please reference the contract number above.

Reminder: All “In-House” field trips must have an entertainment agreement completed and be submitted through Munis for District approval. This is to ensure that the vendor(s) have been fingerprinted, have submitted a COI (if needed), and have locked in their price and dates.


If a fundraiser requires payment up front, the contract must be entered into Munis for Purchasing Services review and approval prior to the fundraiser commencing. If the fundraiser does not require any payment up front, then the contract does not need to be submitted to Purchasing Services for approval.  Of course, schools may submit the contract to Purchasing Services for review if there are any questions or concerns.

Purchasing Services has created a “Fundraiser Agreement” for schools to use when needed. When facilitating a fundraiser, there should be a contract in place whether or not the vendor requires money up front.

Fillable Fundraiser Templates

• Fundraiser Agreement

All fundraisers must comply with School Board Policy and follow internal procedures.