Charter Schools
Charter Schools Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are independent public schools that operate under a performance contract which frees them from many of the regulations created for traditional public schools, but holds them accountable for academic and financial results. The contract between the school’s governing board of directors and the school district delineate the school’s mission, educational program, students served, goals, and student achievement objectives.

Who can attend a charter school?

Charter schools are open to all students who reside within a school district. Unless a school is full, enrollment is on a first come, first enrolled basis. A random selection process is used to select among students on a waiting to enroll list when a school is full. Each charter school has its own enrollment process. To learn more, contact the charter school directly.

How are children enrolled in a charter school?

Parents interested in enrolling their child in a charter school should contact the charter school directly to request information about the school, take a tour of the school, and obtain a registration packet.

Do charter schools provide exceptional education services?

Yes. A charter school must provide ESE services as identified by a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Under certain circumstances, a charter school may not be able to meet the needs of every student. Should this occur, the IEP committee will meet to determine the most appropriate educational setting to best serve the student’s needs.

Do charter school students take statewide assessments?

Yes, students enrolled in a Florida charter school are required to participate in statewide assessments.

Do charter schools receive a school grade?

Yes, charter schools serving students in grades 3 and above are issued a school grade by the Florida Department of Education. A charter school’s school grade is calculated in the same manner as traditional public schools.

Do charter schools provide transportation?

Parents should contact the charter school directly to learn about transportation arrangements.

Who can teach in a charter school?

Under Florida law, charter school teachers are required to be certified in the same manner as all other public school teachers in the state.

Who should I contact if I have a problem at the charter school my child attends?

Parents should contact the charter school principal to address problems or concerns. If the school’s administration is unable to adequately address a concern, the issue should be brought to the attention of the charter school’s governing board. Contact information for the charter school’s governing board is available at the charter school and on each charter school’s website.

How can I obtain more information about charter schools?

For specific information regarding a Pasco County charter school, please contact the school directly. Additional information about charter schools is available through the District School Board of Pasco County’s, Charter Schools, Student Support Programs and Services at 813-794-2408.