Accountability, Research, and Measurement
FSA/EOC Testing

About the Test

The End of Course (EOC) exams are summative in nature.  The goal of the EOCs is to evaluate student learning at the end of the course and compare it against the course standards that were taught. 

Test Windows

The administration windows for the EOCs can be accessed by clicing the link, Florida Statewide Assessment Schedule.  To find out when your child will take his/her assessment, please contact your child’s school.

Prepare for EOCs

You can accessed paper-based and computer-based practice tests by going to the Florida Statewide Assessment Students & Families page.

Student Results

Once your child has tested, you can access the results through the Pasco Parent Portal. If you have an existing Pasco Parent Portal account, you should log in through  Then scroll down select myStudent under the School/Classroom Resources section.

  1. To access basic information, click on your child’s picture/first name on the left-hand side of the screen.  Then choose Test History.  A list of the tests that your child has taken will appear.  To view the results of a test, click on the light gray arrow to the right of the name of the test.  Basic testing information will appear.
  2. To access the Individual Score Report, click on Portal icon in the top left-hand corner.  Then click on the Florida Statewide Assessments icon that appears to the right of the Reports tab.  From here, you can download the Individual Score Reports.

Information explaining your child's test results can be found by clicking below: