Accountability, Research, and Measurement
Application to Conduct Research

External Researchers: Instructional Review Board (IRB) 

At this time, Pasco County Schools has paused accepting Instructional Review Board (IRB) applications from external researchers to conduct research in the district.


What Qualifies as an External Research Study? 

Schools and departments within Pasco County Schools often gather data and information for internal purposes - to do needs assessments for school improvement or department planning, to satisfy audit or accountability requirements, to improve the quality of programs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of programs. These forms of internal research carried out by employees or staff members in the commission of their duties do not require special permission. External research studies are initiated by individuals acting on their own, or under the sponsorship of independent agencies or institutions outside of the scope of the Pasco County School Board. These external forms of research studies must be approved individually, based on the study’s value to the school district, its alignment with the district’s educational goals and philosophies, and the quality of the proposed research design. These external research studies are those which require approval by the Office for Accountability, Research, and Measurement. 


Pasco County Schools: Student Research 

Pasco County Schools student researchers should contact their school for more information about school level Student Instructional Board Review (S-IRB) process. 


For questions, contact the Office for Accountability, Research, and Measurement at 813-794-2343.