Accountability, Research, and Measurement
Accessing Your Child’s Test Scores

Once your child has tested, you can access the results in several ways through the Pasco Parent Portal.  Log in by going to  Scroll down to School/Classroom Resources and click on myStudent.  Log into the system.

  1. To access basic information, click on your child’s picture/first name on the left-hand side of the screen.  Then choose Test History.  A list of tests will appear.  To view the results of a test, click on the light gray arrow to the right of the name of the test.  Your child's testing information will appear.
  2. To access an Individual Score Report (if available), click on Portal at the top of the left-hand navigation column.  In the middle of the page, under your child’s name, you will see several tabs and an icon that says Florida Statewide Assessments.   When you click on this icon, you will be taken to the Florida Statewide Assessments Family Portal icon.  From here, you will be able to download Individual Score Reports.  Using the drop-down at the top, you can access previous years' score reports.


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