The mission of Pasco High School's Academy of Building Technology is to build a collaborative environment for students through partnerships with employers, the community, and higher education.

This CTE program is a planned sequence of courses consisting of:

For students pursuing Technical Design (Drafting)

  • Technical Design 1
  • Technical Design 2
  • Technical Design 3

For students pursuing Electricl Trades

  • Electricity 1
  • Electricity 2
  • Electricity 3
  • Electricity 4

Industry Recognized Certifications

Autodesk-AutoCAD Autodesk Certified User Program is for Entry Level Job Skills. This certification measures one's knowledge of this product. AutoCAD software allows an individual to design, visualize, and document their ideas clearly and efficiently. Autodesk has one goal: increasing productivity. NCCER-Electrical 1-4

Level One certification: Electrical Safety, Electrical Circuits, Device Boxes, Hand Bending, Electrical Theory, Electrical Test Equipment, Intro. to the National Electrical Code, Raceways, Boxings, and Fittings, Conductors, Intro. to Blueprints, and Wiring.
Level Two certification: Alternating Current, Motors, Grounding and Bonding, Conduit Bending, Conductor Installations, Cable Tray, Conductor Terminations and Splices, Circuit Breakers/ Fuses, Pull and Junction Boxes, Control Systems, and Electric Lighting.
Level Three certification: Load Calculators, Conductor Selection, Practical Applications of Lighting, Transformers, Voice/Data/Video, Commercial Electrical Service, Overcurrent Protection, Lamps and Components, Motor Calculations/ Maintenance and Control and Hazardous Locations.
Level Four certification: Load Calculations, Applications of Lighting, Standby and Emergency Systems, Basic Electronic Theory, and more.
Career Academies… The Right Choice   Career Academies prepare students to meet the demands of a changing workforce while providing the opportunity for successful high school graduation, gainful employment, post secondary education, and industry recognized certification.

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