The mission of the  Aeronautic Academy is to create a strong, rigorous, seamless Aerospace and Aviation learning continuum that is aligned to higher education and the workforce.

This CTE program is a planned sequence of instruction consisting of:

  • Aerospace Technologies 1
  • Aerospace Technologies 2

 College Credit Courses offered in High School

The Gaetz Aerospace Institute is an enhanced concurrent/dual enrollment program.                               You will be taking the same course offered to students on the Embry-Riddle Daytona                          Beach campus, and you will be assessed accordingly. Current courses offered.

Aviation Maintenance
The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment or advanced                               training in the commercial and general aviation industry.  Students will be                           introduced instruction preparing for FAA certification as a maintenance technician.                    The following program of study addresses information on mathematics, aircraft                             drawings, weight and balance, aircraft materials, processes and tools, physics,                  electricity, inspection, ground operations, and FAA regulations governing the                    certification and work of maintenance technicians.

8715110 Aviation Maintenance General 1
8715120 Aviation Maintenance General 2
8715130 Aviation Maintenance General 3


Industry Recognized Certifications

Small UAS Safety Certification
The USI Small UAS Safety Level 1 Certification contains approximately 155 content hours. By obtaining a completion certificate, individuals can continue to Step 2 of the certification process. Completion certifications are issued by the Unmanned Safety Institute.

Career Academies... The Right Choice

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