Accountability, Research, and Measurement
Private School Testing

 The District School Board of Pasco County will provide this service to private school students during the state’s summer administration window.


In order to take advantage of this opportunity, private school students will need to complete an online registration process, via a secure form, by June 16, 2023.

You can access the online registration form here.

Once the student is registered they will be assigned a testing location and time. This information will be communicated through the email address used to register. Completion of the registration form will serve as the student's intent for testing as well as for enrollment into a District School Board of Pasco County public school. However, this document does NOT replace documents required by the school site for official registration. This registration form information is required to enter your child’s information into the state system for testing.

No late registration is available for these assessments. Registration information will be used to hire staff and to secure a test site. The staff and building location will be based on student registration information collected as of June 16, 2023.


There will be a $10.00 non-refundable registration/sitting fee for all private school students participating in State EOC administrations due the day of testing (cash only). This fee will help offset the additional cost on the district related to the administration of the test.


The District School Board of Pasco County will only be testing private school students at CREWS LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL the week of July 10, 2023. .  Once the student is registered they will be assigned a specific testing date and time.


The address for Crews Lake Middle School is: 15144 Shady Hills Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34610



If a student requires an accommodation for testing, the student’s official current Individual Education Plan (IEP) or English Language Learner (ELL) status must be included with the Accommodations Form (DOWNLOAD IT HERE) to be completed by the student’s current school (with the school principal or director’s signature). This information MUST be faxed to the Office for Accountability, Research, and Measurement at 813-794-2116 by June 16, 2023..


Private school students participating in State EOCs will be required to bring photo-identification to verify their identity on the day of testing. On the testing day, the student and parent must have picture identification to sign in for the test administration. Parents should have a government issued ID and a student may have a school issued picture ID or other government issued ID. No other forms of picture ID will be accepted.


All tests are 160 minutes long with a break at 80 minutes.  Students are required to sit for at least 80 minutes of each assessment session and will not be permitted to leave (even if completed and submitted) prior to this time limit. 


Snacks or lunch will not be provided. However, a 30 minute break is provided for a student to eat after the state-required 160 minute sitting. Students should bring a bag lunch.


Please make arrangements prior to testing to pick up your child from the test site.


Students are required to practice using an online test prior to the test. All students must take an electronic practice test  prior to arriving to the test site for each EOC test.

Practice Tests

The EOC Training Tests (FOUND HERE) can be accessed and taken using any computer for the student to practice. If the student has not practiced prior to taking the EOC test, they will be excused from the test site, and will have to retake the test at the next available test window.


For more information about individual EOCs, please visit the Florida Department of Education’s End-of-Course Assessments website at FL DOE End of Course (EOC) Assessments Website

Should you have further questions please contact:

Joy Salerno
Office for Accountability, Research, & Measurement
District School Board of Pasco County
7227 Land O’ Lakes Blvd
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638