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Pine View Elementary School

Ms. Amanda Kirk is the Autism teacher at Pine View Elementary. She glows everyday. Her kindness, positive attitude, innovative thoughts, and individualized care for each child in her class is remarkable. My daughter has been in classes like these for 3 years and this is the first time I feel my daughter is taken care of but she is embraced and encouraged. This is difficult job, Ms. Kirk and her coworkers, have. But her optimism shines through, encouraging parents everyday. I’m so thankful for her as my daughter’s teacher.

Submitted by Heather Sweet

Chester W. Taylor Elementary School

Most amazing, warm full, sweet teacher. Mrs. Jordan has made school everything for my son! She's amazing!

Submitted by Meagan Vuichard

Bexley Elementary School

My son Shivaansh has been crying to go to the school for over a year. Couple of weeks back, he was suddenly happy to go to school. When we asked the reason, he said that Ms Pachini (his teacher) is a good teacher and he loves School now. While this may be not be much, to us, it was a pleasant surprise as to how a teacher can make all the difference.

Submitted by ANKUR RAWAT

Wiregrass Elementary School

Ms. Coe is a great teacher. I like her sense of humor, it is similar to mine. She makes me want to be a better math student. If I don't understand something, which is rare, but if I need help she will do the problems with me.

Submitted by Carter Shaw

Seven Springs Elementary School

Ms. Lawrence has been a blessing to our boy. Emerson is now in 2nd grade but still looks forward to seeing Ms. Lawrence every morning, who was his kindergarten teacher. Emerson has had a very hard year this year and sometimes the promise of getting to see her on his way to class is the only thing that gets him motivated for the day. We love Ms. Lawrence and we are so thankful for how she loves on our boy!

Submitted by Taylor Delaney

Wiregrass Elementary School

Mrs. DiGregorio saved my fourth grade year! When we started school, we didn't have a teacher! Mrs. DiGregorio was our permanent sub. We begged her to stay and she did! Now she is our permanent teacher. She is the perfect fit for our class and we are so glad she decided to stay.

Submitted by Carter Shaw

Moon Lake Elementary School

Mrs. Harvey has been an absolute inspiration for my daughter for the last 2 years. Azalea is a little concerned with leaving her next school year but knows she’ll still see her around school. Mrs.Harvey is so great with all the kids. She’s definitely helped Azalea grow as a person. When she started she was shy and didn’t really like playing with others but a few days in and she was great. She looks forward to going to school because she knows her best friend is there!

Submitted by Carol Killock

Double Branch Elementary School

I want to share about 2 phenomenal, amazing, heaven sent teachers named Mrs.Cruz and Mrs.B. They teach VPK. My daughter is an ESE student and she has Autism and being non verbal can make it overwhelming to trust anyone. Mrs.Cruz and Mrs.B have been nothing but kind, caring, understanding and supportive. I couldn’t imagine having my daughter with anyone else. I’m blessed to have them both. I’m blessed to have Double Branch Elementary!

Submitted by Larissa Smart

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