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Seven Oaks Elementary School

Last year my daughter, Isla had Miss Jackson for her first grade teacher at Seven Oaks Elementary. She is truly exquisite and goes above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher. Not only does she love on our kids yet give them firm and clear instruction, she just stands above the rest and is truly outstanding. I know that she has been teaching for many years and has probably made many differences in a lot of kids lives, but I have never seen quite a teacher like her Care about the children and be so involved with the parents and kids throughout the year. I am blessed to know her and call her a friend and we are so thankful and grateful that our daughter had her last year. She still to this day checks in on my daughter, and even called on the first day of school to see how her first day went even though she didn’t have her as a student. She truly goes above and beyond and Deserves to be recognized for it!!

Submitted by Lorin Daeger

Seven Oaks Elementary School

Ms. Hoehn, 3rd grade teacher at Seven Oaks, is amazing. She truly cares about her students and understands their strengths and weaknesses. She is always quick to answer any questions I may have as well. She recently gave her students a unique opportunity to help raise abandoned puppies! Ms. Hoehn also works for Rescue Pets of Florida and had recently gotten a group of 3 day old puppies that had needed help being raised. Her students got to hold, feed, and clean these adorable puppies for 5 weeks. Such an an amazing learning experience for them. Really looking forward to seeing other innovative ways she'll be helping her students learn.

Submitted by Lizz Kholikov

Sunlake High School

I'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation for my mother, currently serving as a substitute teacher at Sunlake High School. Not only have students and staff recognized her invaluable contributions during the search for a new biology teacher, but she also extends her kindness by consistently helping others. Remarkably, amidst renovating her home, she finds time to contribute to her grandchildren's well-being. With over 30 years of dedicated service to Pasco County, often without the recognition she deserves, it's high time she receives a well-deserved spotlight, even in her retirement.

Submitted by Casey Gorden

Trinity Oaks Elementary School

I’m writing today about two teachers that have made such a difference in my son’s education and his personal life! Mrs. Costello & Mrs. Brina at Trinity oaks elem have done wonders for my son AJ. When he first started, he refused to speak and Ms. Brina pulled him out his shell and he hasn’t stopped since. The way Mrs.Costello can get Aj to smile is amazing. Such a positive influence on him! Me and his father are so grateful for what they have done for our son. We know there are other teachers who had a hand with aj but those two right there. Thank you.

Submitted by Sharlin Clark

Gulf Trace Elementary School

Mrs Englander is helping my daughter. She is amazing teacher - I want to say thank you Mrs Englander!

Submitted by Tiffany Messer

Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation

I wanted to share a story about the Welding instructor, Mr. Sybert, at Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation. My 9th grade daughter has felt welcomed, affirmed in her personal strengths, and has had her confidence built by Mr. Sybert and his welding program! For a student who does not have a passion for typical school subjects, has learning difficulties, and thrives with more hands-on experiences, it is a blessing she has been able to fourish (acadmically and personally) through this program--which is also having her achieve more in all her other subjects too! It is Mr. Sybert's class she looks forward to the most each day!

Mr. Sybert enjoys the sport of drag racing, of which my daughter does. Recently, on a weekend, Mr. Sybert and his wife (who is also a wonderful DEO at LOLHS) came out to the Bradenton Motorsports Park to surprise my daughter there and watch her race her Junior Dragster! The look on her face was priceless and him taking the time to see her do what she feels she is successful at meant so much to her! It is actions such as these that are never expected, but are so very appreciated! It helps to build a positive relationship between the teacher and student at school, but also helps students to see their teachers as humans who really care about their students beyond their grades. It is the "extra mile" that makes the difference between a really good teacher and a GREAT teacher! Mr. Sybert recognizes that his students are going to have a lot expected of them upon graduation and entering the workforce. He is preparing them not only to be great employees, but also great human beings! A big thank you goes out to Mr. Sybert. You are awesome!

Submitted by Nicole Betegh-Edelmann

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