Pasco School Board Recognizes Outstanding Senior

This post was published on 12/12/2019.

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (December 12, 2019) – The District School Board of Pasco County recognized Sunlake High School’s Alexis Paredes as the 2019-2020 Pasco County Schools outstanding senior at their recent school board meeting.

Each year, high schools select a senior to represent their school. The students are vetted by the student body, faculty, and administration and nominated on the basis of outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, and citizenship. A committee interviews all nominees and selects the senior who stands out among her peers as the Pasco County Schools outstanding senior.


Superintendent Kurt Browning, Sunlake High School principal Michael Cloyd, Pasco Education Foundation executive director Stacey Capogrosso, Alexis Paredes, director of Career and Technical Education Lori Romano, and School Board chair Colleen Beaudoin.

Alexis Paredes


I have received honor roll the past three years of my high school education and was inducted into National Honor Society my sophomore year. I also received straight A’s the majority of my academic career and I have an all AP schedule this year. I have taken six AP classes and I have passed every single exam so far, including AP Seminar, which has led me onto the path of becoming an AP Scholar.

Leadership :

I have strong leadership skills and qualities. I am the current president of JSA, the former vice president, and former treasurer. I am also the current NHS secretary and a representative in the school’s student council. Recently, I was chosen for the position of Chapter Internal Affairs Agent by the Southeast JSA council, and now oversee contacting chapter presidents to ensure that their JSA clubs are running efficiently.


I have completed over 398 service hours and I firmly intend to compete more by the end of the school year. For three years, I have gone to the summer camp program, the Good Samaritan Project, where I spend a week at various locations performing tasks to help them run their organizations more efficiently. For example, I went to TherHappy Therapy Services this summer and helped them scrape paint off of old fences and repaint them.


I have been an officer in my schools’ JSA club for three years, and through JSA, I have been to six debating conventions. Through JSA, I have met multiple people with vastly different views than my own. JSA has given me a platform to be able to discuss important topics with people that may disagree with me about without fearing judgement. I am able to talk in the hope of finding a compromise between conflicting viewpoints.

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