Pasco County Schools Now Stock Life-Saving EpiPens

This post was published on 03/03/2020.

In accordance with the Emergency Allergy Treatment Act, Pasco County Schools has partnered with the Florida Department of Health-Pasco County to provide free EpiPens on all school campuses.  The Act gives school nurses and other designated school personnel authority to administer the EpiPen to any student or individual in response to an emergency anaphylaxis allergic reaction. At least three staff members at each school will be trained to respond if anyone is having an anaphylactic reaction during the school day.

Effective February 14, two-dose regular and junior EpiPens were placed in each Pasco County public school. Protocol requires that any time an EpiPen is administered, the individual must be transported via ambulance to the emergency room. The program is optional for charter schools.

If your child has been diagnosed with an allergy/health condition that requires the use of an EpiPen, you can still provide your child’s EpiPen to the school nurse along with the necessary medical orders.  Pasco County Schools is always looking for ways to enhance our safety procedures, and we are eager to start this new safety initiative.  If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse. 

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