Pasco County Schools Celebrate Triumphant “Race to Read” Campaign

This post was created on 05/28/2024.

Pasco County Schools is thrilled to announce the resounding success of the 2023-2024 "Race to Read" campaign. This district-wide initiative aimed to foster a love of reading by engaging students, parents, and staff in a collective effort to read 15 million minutes during the school year. Remarkably, the Pasco County Schools community exceeded this ambitious goal, reading an astonishing 30,468,440 minutes!

"We are immensely proud of our students, parents, and staff for overwhelming participation and dedication to this initiative," said Kurt Browning, Superintendent of Pasco County Schools. "Reading is the foundation of all learning, and the incredible number of minutes read this year demonstrates our community's commitment to education and literacy."

Congratulations are in order for Moon Lake Elementary, Pine View Middle School, and Pasco High School, which emerged as the champions of their respective categories. Thanks to generous grant funding, these schools will each receive a celebratory banner and 500 paperback books to distribute to students next year.

Additionally, several schools achieved significant milestones and have been awarded digital badges created by Beanstack. The following schools were awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals based on their reading achievements:

Gold Medals (1 million minutes or more)

  • Moon Lake Elementary: 3,447,537 minutes
  • Pasco Elementary: 3,026,423 minutes
  • New River Elementary: 2,061,052 minutes
  • Seven Oaks Elementary: 1,712,042 minutes
  • Connerton Elementary: 1,232,159 minutes
  • Sand Pine Elementary: 1,040,702 minutes
  • Pasco High School: 1,029,102 minutes
  • Quail Hollow Elementary: 1,011,956 minutes

Silver Medals (500,000 minutes or more)

  • Odessa Elementary: 970,008 minutes
  • Longleaf Elementary: 894,983 minutes
  • Double Branch Elementary: 876,228 minutes
  • Pine View Elementary: 860,956 minutes
  • Denham Oaks Elementary: 848,800 minutes
  • Cypress Elementary: 752,108 minutes
  • Trinity Elementary: 703,308 minutes
  • Mary Giella Elementary: 656,408 minutes
  • Shady Hills Elementary: 643,936 minutes
  • Anclote Elementary: 627,741 minutes
  • Wiregrass Elementary: 582,167 minutes
  • Pine View Middle School: 582,751 minutes
  • Centennial Middle School: 529,751 minutes
  • Sanders Memorial Elementary: 524,370 minutes
  • James M. Marlowe Elementary: 520,715 minutes
  • Veterans Elementary: 520,434 minutes
  • Charles S. Rushe Middle School: 500,677 minutes

Bronze Medals (250,000 minutes or more)

  • Wesley Chapel Elementary: 445,871 minutes
  • Chester W. Taylor Elementary: 296,373 minutes
  • Bexley Elementary: 253,606 minutes

"Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's 'Race to Read,'" said Browning. "Your hard work and enthusiasm have surpassed our expectations and inspired a continued commitment to literacy and learning within our community."

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