Join Pasco County Schools in the Fight Against Chronic Absenteeism!

This post was created on 09/11/2023.

PASCO COUNTY, FL – Did you know that students with fewer absences learn to read sooner? Or that regular attendance can be the ticket to your child's graduation and future success? As we step into September, recognized as Absentee Awareness Month, Pasco County Schools is on a mission to ensure every student shines brightly in the classroom.   

"Every morning is a new opportunity. When parents and guardians actively participate in their child's morning routine, it's like lighting a spark for their entire day," shares Kurt Browning, Superintendent of Pasco County Schools. "Together, we can fan that spark into a flame of academic achievement by being involved with starting our children's day on the right foot."  

**Why Attendance Matters: **  

  • Students with consistent attendance achieve greater academic heights due to increased instructional time.  

  • Missing just 2 days a month? That's 10% of a school year!  

  • High absentee rates can lead a student down the path of dropping out.  

  • Alarmingly, a 10% or higher absentee rate can steer a child towards future crime and unemployment.  

  • Statistics show that the two largest age groups impacted are students in the 3rd and 8th grades.  

**Get Involved!**

  • Parents can dive into our website for practical tips to ensure your child is school-ready every day.  

  • Join in the conversation by speaking with your kids and family about the importance of school attendance.  

  • Parents, guardians, and community members, we urge you to be the change-makers in a child's academic journey. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more promising future for every student in Pasco County.  

During the month of September, Pasco County Schools will share valuable tips to help students, which will be highlighted on our website, shared across our social media platforms, and communicated directly to parents through our district messaging platforms.

Pasco County Schools is committed to ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed. By working together with parents and the community, we can make a significant impact on reducing absenteeism and improving student outcomes.  

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