Hudson & Land O’ Lakes Pharmacies

This post was created on 01/18/2024.

Over the past several years our MyHealthOnsite Wellness Centers have operated pharmacies at Hudson & Land O’ Lakes through a partnership with MCR Health. The District is in the process of transitioning pharmacy staff and services from MCR Health to MyHealthOnsite. There are notices at each pharmacy announcing the closure of the MCR Health pharmacy. Legally, this notice must be provided as we transition operational services to MyHealthOnsite.  During this transition, MyHealthOnsite will be working to obtain a new pharmacy license. As a part of this transition, there may be a delay for staff to fill some prescriptions at our onsite pharmacies.

Our pharmacies will continue to be able to dispense most of the same medications that have been dispensed over the past several years. Moving forward, if the pharmacy does not have a medication in stock, the pharmacy will attempt to order this prescription and fill the order in a timely manner. Most prescriptions can be ordered and available within a few days. The same co-pay structure for brand, specialty, and generic medications will remain the same. Generics that were previously available for zero co-pay, will continue to be free. Should the pharmacy be unable to fill your prescription, pharmacy staff will follow-up with you regarding next steps. There is a possibility that the prescription will need to be transferred to Walgreens. This should only occur in limited circumstances.  

Our other health centers (Longleaf, Centennial, Gulf, and Wesley Chapel) currently dispense limited medications. These centers will continue current operations.  

We expect that most support and drug availability will continue to be consistent with limited disruptions. Please be mindful of your prescription refill dates and plan ahead so you will continue to have the medication that you need in a timely manner. Should you have concerns regarding a change in your prescription availability, please email Jessica Rusha, Senior Manager of Benefits at jrusha@pasco.k12.fl.us.

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