Celebrating Unique Voices: Chris Angilella’s Inspiring Authorial Journey at Marchman Technical College

This post was created on 04/19/2024.

At Marchman Technical College in New Port Richey, a special event unfolded that celebrated the power of storytelling and the human spirit. Chris Angilella, a 25-year-old author with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, shared his journey and the stories he’s crafted in his children’s books with an audience full of anticipation.

Chris’s day began with laughter as he shared jokes that broke the ice and opened hearts. He then took the audience on a tour of his daily life, candidly discussing his challenges and strategies to overcome them. His message was love and positivity, a beacon for those navigating similar paths.

The highlight of the event was Chris’s discussion of his five published books, including his first, “Dotty’s Freckles,” and his latest, “Speckle Delivery.” These stories, often featuring animal characters, are not just tales but lifelines of self-discovery and acceptance. The revelation that all illustrations are hand-drawn by a close friend added a personal touch that resonated with the audience.

Marchman Technical College has been a supportive home for Chris over the past seven years, and the principal’s invitation for future events is a testament to Chris's impact. His gratitude towards the college and its community was palpable, as was the inspiration he left in his wake.

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