CTE Course Catalog

Robotic Design Essentials (#9410120)

GPA Weighting:
Bright Futures:
GSC: Gold Seal CAPE Scholars GSV: Gold Seal Vocational Scholars
Graduation Requirements: Practical Arts
Assessment: District EOC or principal-approved final exam
Placement Consideration: This program is a planned sequence of instruction consisting of four credits. It is recommended (but not required) that students complete or be concurrently enrolled in advanced science (physics) and mathematics courses(e.g., trigonometry, calculus).
Prerequisites: Foundations of Robotics
Next Course in Progression:
Robotic Systems
Other Information: Offered at: WKTHS and SLHS
Course Description: This course provides students with content and skills essential to the design and operation of robotics, including artificial intelligence, sensors,electronic devices, engineering technologies, motion physics, electrical motors, programming, simulation and