CTE Course Catalog

Health Science 1 / Anatomy and Physiology (#8417100)

GPA Weighting:
Bright Futures:
GSC: Gold Seal CAPE Scholars GSV: Gold Seal Vocational Scholars
Graduation Requirements: Equally Rigorous Science. Anatomy and Physiology #2000350 or Anatomy and Physiology Honors #2000360 may be substitutd for this course.
Assessment: District EOC or principal-approved final exam
Placement Consideration: Health Science 1, Anatomy and Physiology is the first course in a planned sequence of Health Science instruction leading to nationally-recognized certification. (Note: This course may also be used as part of a planned sequence of CTE instruction in Allied
Prerequisites: None
Next Course in Progression:
Health Science 2/ Foundations
Other Information: A & P #2000350 or A & P Honors #2000360 may be substituted for Health Science 1/ A & P. This is the first course in the Health Science core
Course Description: Health Science 1 and Health Science 2 are prerequisite core courses for most of the secondary health science programs.