CTE Course Catalog

Engineering Design & Development (#8600650)

GPA Weighting:
Bright Futures:
GSC: Gold Seal CAPE Scholars GSV: Gold Seal Vocational Scholars
Graduation Requirements: Practical Arts
Assessment: District EOC or principal-approved final exam
Placement Consideration: This program is a planned sequence of instruction. Although there are variations in course sequence depending on implementation, studentstypically (but are not required to) complete the three foundation courses (8600550, 8600520, and 8600530), at least one
Prerequisites: Principles of Engineering
Next Course in Progression:
Other Information: Offered at: CCHS and RRHS
Course Description: The purpose of this course is to serve as a capstone course to provide students with the opportunity to develop a solution to a design problem fromstart to finish. Students work in teams to design, engineer, create a prototype, perform product testing, and