CTE Course Catalog

Emergency Medical Responder 3 (#8417171)

GPA Weighting:
Bright Futures:
GSC: Gold Seal CAPE Scholars GSV: Gold Seal Vocational Scholars
Graduation Requirements: N/A
Assessment: IEMSR registry examination
Placement Consideration: Offered at JW Mitchell HS. Emergency Medical Responder 3 is the final course in a planned sequence of courses leading to a national certification.
Prerequisites: Health Science 2/ Foundations
Next Course in Progression:
None. This is the final course in the Emergency Medical Responder 3 Program of Study.
Other Information: This program requires a clinical component equal to 50% of length of course.
Course Description: This program offers a sequence of courses in the Health Science career cluster. The content includes but is not limited to planning, management, finance, technical and production skills, underlying principles of technology, labor and community issues.