CTE Course Catalog

Culinary Arts 3 (#8800530)

GPA Weighting:
Bright Futures:
Graduation Requirements: Practical Arts
Assessment: Certified Food Protection Manager and Certified Food Safety Manager
Placement Consideration: The Culinary Arts Program is a planned sequence of courses leading to a nationally recognized credential.
Prerequisites: 8800520 Culinary Arts 2
Next Course in Progression:
8800540 (Track 1) 8800550 (Track 2) 8800560 (Track 3): Culinary Arts 4
Other Information: Program offered at Anclote High School, Wiregrass Ranch High School, Land O' Lakes High School and Wendell Krinn Technical High School
Course Description: In this course the student will research career opportunities in professional cooking/baking; follow guidelines on food selection, purchasing, and storage; and use communication skills. Students will prepare and present a variety of advanced food products