Course Catalog

M/J World History (#2109010)

Course Length:
Year (Y)
Promotion Requirement:

Course is required for middle school promotion.


District developed assessment.

Placement Consideration:

M/J Civics or M/J Civics Advanced

M/J U.S. History or M/J U.S. History Advanced.


In Pasco County Schools course progression, this is an 8th grade level Social Studies course.

Next Course in Progression:
World History or World History Honors (high school)
Other Information:
Approved Resources:

Cengage: National Geographic World History: Great Civilizations

Course Description:

The primary content for this course pertains to the world's earliest civilizations to the ancient and classical civilizations of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Students will be exposed to the multiple dynamics of world history including economics, geography, politics, and religion/philosophy. Students will study methods of historical inquiry and primary and secondary historical documents.

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