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M/J Three-Dimensional Studio Art 1 (#0101040)

6, 7, 8
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Three-Dimensional Studio Art 2
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Students begin an exploration of the structural elements of art used when creating 3-D forms. Additive and subtractive processes are used to manipulate and construct sculptural or ceramic forms in media that may include, but are not limited to clay, wood, plaster, found objects, and paper maché, with consideration of the workability, durability, cost, and toxicity of the media used. Student artists examine the effects of attention to detail, size, position, overlapping, visual pattern, and texture, and these considerations will be reflected in the surface and structural qualities of completed art forms. Students in the 3-D art studio focus on use of safety procedures for process, media, and techniques. Student artists use an art criticism process to evaluate, explain, and measure artistic growth in personal or group works. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.

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