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M/J Musical Theatre 3 (#0400210)

6, 7, 8
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Year (Y)
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Principal Approved Final

Placement Consideration:

Students should take M/J Musical Theatre 1 & 2 prior to this course


M/J Musical Theatre 1 & 2 is recommended

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Stage Agent

Course Description:

Student's coursework focuses on, but is not limited to, intermediate acting, intermediate vocal performance, intermediate dance/movement, and staging, which transfer readily to music theatre literature.  Students will learn from studying styles and techniques used by well-known singer-actor-dancers and choreographers and they will begin to build a performance portfolio.  Students will begin to use their prior knowledge to develop scenes on their own and incorporate blocking, choreography and settings.  Public performances may serve as a culmination of specific instructional goals.  Students may be required to attend and/or participate in rehearsals and performances outside of the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom. 

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