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M/J Mathematics 2 Cambridge Lower Secondary (#1205055)

Course Length:
Year (Y)
Promotion Requirement:

This course provides 1 of the 3 math credits needed for middle school promotion.


Grade 8 Pre-Algebra F.A.S.T Assessment

Placement Consideration:

M/J Mathematics 1 Cambridge Lower Secondary


6th grade Accelerated Mathematics

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Approved Resources:

Savvas enVision

Course Description:

Instructional time will emphasize five areas: (1) recognizing that fractions, decimals and percentages are different representations of rational numbers and performing all four operations with rational numbers with procedural fluency; (2) creating equivalent expressions and solving equations and inequalities; (3) developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships in two variables; (4) extending analysis of two- and three-dimensional figures to include circles and cylinders and (5) representing and comparing categorical and numerical data and developing understanding of probability.

Curricular content for all subjects must integrate critical-thinking, problem-solving, and workforce-literacy skills; communication, reading, and writing skills; mathematics skills; collaboration skills; contextual and applied-learning skills; technology-literacy skills; information and media-literacy skills; and civic-engagement skills.

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