Course Catalog

M/J Latin, Beginning (#0706000)

Course Length:
Year (Y)
Promotion Requirement:

This course counts as 1 elective credit after earning a passing grade as established in the student progression plan.


Principal approved exam

Placement Consideration:

Please, refer to the course progression.



Next Course in Progression:
M/J Latin Intermediate (0706010)
Other Information:

Please, refer to the course progression.  It is each school's responsibility to evaluate and assign high school world language credit equivalency for those students who complete M/J Latin sequences in middle school.

Approved Resources:

Teacher created resources

Course Description:

M/J Latin Beginning introduces students to the target language and its culture. Students will learn beginning skills in listening and speaking and an introduction to basic skills in reading and writing. Also, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities are included in this one-year course.

This course shall integrate the Goal 3 Student Performance Standards of the Florida System of School Improvement and Accountability as appropriate to the content and processes of the subject matter. It also must reflect appropriate Next Generation Sunshine State Standards benchmarks and Florida Standards for English language arts and mathematics.

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