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M/J English 1 Cambridge Lower Secondary (#1001025Z)

Course Length:
Year (Y)
Promotion Requirement:

This course provides 1 of the 3 English Language Arts credits for middle school promotion.


Florida’s Assessment for Student Thinking (F.A.S.T.)

Placement Consideration:

See placement considerations here.


5th Grade Language Arts

Next Course in Progression:
M/J Eng. 2 Cambridge, M/J Language Arts 2, M/J Language Arts 2 Advanced
Other Information:
Approved Resources:

McGraw Hills StudySync

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide grade 6 students, using texts of high complexity, advanced integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation and readiness.

Honors and Advanced Level Course Note: Academic rigor is more than simply assigning to students a greater quantity of work. Through the application, analysis, evaluation, and creation of complex ideas that are often abstract and multi-faceted, students are challenged to think and collaborate critically on the content they are learning.

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