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Technical Theatre Design & Production 3 (#0400430)

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Performing / Fine Arts


Principal Approved Final

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Students should take Technical Theatre Design & Production 1 & 2 before taking Technical Theatre Design & Production 3.


Technical Theatre Design & Production 2 (or equivalent) 

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Technical Theatre Design & Production 4 Honors
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Students regularly reflect on aesthetics and issues related to and addressed through theatre, and create within various aspects of theatre. Student designers and technicians assemble a portfolio that showcases a body of work representing artistic growth over time; growing command of theatre skills and techniques in one or more areas; and evidence of significant oral and written analytical and problem-solving skills. Public performances may serve as a culmination of specific instructional goals. Students may be required to attend or participate in technical work, rehearsals, and/or performances beyond the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom.