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Jazz Ensemble 2 (#1302510)

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Performing / Fine Arts


Principal Approved Final

Placement Consideration:

Students should take Jazz Ensemble 1 before taking Jazz Ensemble 2.


Jazz Ensemble 1 (or equivalent)

Next Course in Progression:
Jazz Ensemble 3
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Course Description:

Students with jazz experience become conversant with basic chord progressions and the scale/chord relationship, strengthen aural skills, and learn to improvise and compose melodies over progressions as they rehearse, perform, and study high-quality jazz ensemble literature. Musicians study jazz history and become familiar with the cultural context of various compositions and artists. Public performances may serve as a culmination of specific instructional goals. Students may be required to attend and/or participate in rehearsals and performances outside the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom. Students in this class may need to obtain (e.g., borrow, rent, purchase) an instrument from an outside source.

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