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Instrumental Ensemble 4 Honors (#1302490)

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Performing / Fine Arts


Principal Approved Final

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Students should take Instrumental Ensemble 1, 2, & 3 before taking Instrumental Ensemble 4 Honors.


Instrumental Ensemble 3 (or equivalent)

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Students with extensive instrumental ensemble experience refine their critical listening, music literacy, and ensemble skills through the study, rehearsal, and performance of high-quality, advanced literature. Students use reflection and problem-solving skills with increasing independence to improve their performance and musical expression. Public performances may serve as a culmination of specific instructional goals. Students may be required to attend and/or participate in rehearsals and performances outside the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom. This course may also require students to obtain a musical instrument (e.g., borrow, rent, purchase) from an outside source.

Honors and Advanced Level Course Note: Advanced courses require a greater demand on students through increased academic rigor.  Academic rigor is obtained through the application, analysis, evaluation, and creation of complex ideas that are often abstract and multi-faceted.  Students are challenged to think and collaborate critically on the content they are learning. Honors level rigor will be achieved by increasing text complexity through text selection, focus on high-level qualitative measures, and complexity of task. Instruction will be structured to give students a deeper understanding of conceptual themes and organization within and across disciplines. Academic rigor is more than simply assigning to students a greater quantity of work.