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Creative Photography 2 (#0108320)

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Fine Arts


Principal Approved Final

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Students should take Creative Photography 1 before taking Creative Photography 2. 


recommended: Creative Photography 1

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Creative Photography 3 Honors
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Students experiment with a variety of photographic media and techniques, and make connections with historical and contemporary photographers to develop a focused body of work. This course may include, but is not limited to, researching the history of photography, making connections to contemporary and community photographers, critiquing with varied techniques, and experimenting with a variety of photographic media. Processes and techniques include, but are not limited to, handcrafted pinhole cameras, hand-tinted photographs, mixed media, cyanotypes, medium format, photo collage, cross-processing, creative filters, infrared and slide film, night photography, macro, panoramic, and/or digital output via a variety of media. Craftsmanship and quality are reflected in the surface of the prints, care of the materials, attention to compositional conventions, and expression of ideas and feelings. Photographers use an art criticism process to evaluate, explain, and measure artistic growth in personal or group works. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.