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Ceramics/Pottery 3 Honors (#0102320)

9, 10, 11, 12
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Fine Arts


Principal Approved Final

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Students should take Ceramics/Pottery 1 and 2 before taking this course. 


recommended: Ceramics/Pottery 2

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Students communicate a sense of 4-D, motion, and/or time, based on creative use of spatial relationships and innovative treatment of space and its components. Instruction may include content in ceramics, pottery, or other related media. Students address 4-D, the inter-relatedness of art and context, and may also include installation or collaborative works, virtual realities, light as a medium (i.e., natural, artificial, or reflective), or flexible, entered, or activated space. Other concepts for exploration include tension, compression or expansion, intrusions or extrusions, grouping, proximity, containment, closure, contradiction, and continuity. Ceramic and/or pottery artists experiment with processes, techniques, and media, which may include, but are not limited to, casting and kiln-firing techniques, and mold making. Craftsmanship and quality are reflected in the surface and structural qualities of the completed art forms. Students in the ceramics and/or pottery art studio focus on use of safety procedures for process, media, and techniques. Student artists use an art criticism process to evaluate, explain, and measure artistic growth in personal or group works. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.