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Band 4 (#1302330)

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Performing / Fine Arts


District Final

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Students should take Band 1, 2, & 3 before taking Band 4. 


Band 4 (or equivalent)

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Band 5 Honors
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This year-long, intermediate-level course, designed for students who demonstrate proficiency in woodwind, brass and/or percussion techniques, music literacy, critical listening/aural skills, and ensemble performance skills, promotes greater engagement with and appreciation for music through performance and other experiences with a broad spectrum of music, as well as creativity through composition and/or arranging.. Study includes cultivation of well-developed instrumental ensemble techniques and skills, music literacy and theory, and deeper aesthetic engagement with a wide variety of high-quality repertoire.

Special Notes: This course requires students to participate in extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day. Additional experiences with small ensembles and solo performance may be available. Students who enjoy the challenges and successes of this course may wish to take an accelerated music class in the future. Students in this class may need to obtain (e.g., borrow, rent, purchase) an instrument from an outside source.