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Advanced Placement Statistics (#1210320)

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Advanced Placement Statistics Exam

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The AP Statistics course is an excellent option for any secondary school student who has successfully completed a second-year course in algebra and who possesses sufficient mathematical maturity and quantitative reasoning ability. Because second-year algebra is the prerequisite course, AP Statistics is usually taken in either the junior or senior year. Decisions about whether to take AP Statistics and when to take it depend on a student’s plans: § Students planning to take a science course in their senior year will benefit greatly from taking AP Statistics in their junior year. § For students who would otherwise take no mathematics in their senior year, AP Statistics allows them to continue to develop their quantitative skills. § Students who wish to leave open the option of taking calculus in college should include precalculus in their high school program and perhaps take AP Statistics concurrently with precalculus. § Students with the appropriate mathematical background are encouraged to take both AP Statistics and AP Calculus in high school.


Algebra 2 or Prob/Stats

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AP Statistics is a course designed to give students college level mathematics under the guidance of the Advanced Placement Program. Topics shall include, but not be limited to, exploratory data (observing patterns and departing from data), planning a study (deciding what and how to measure), and producing models using probability and simulation, and statistical inference. The student enrolled in this course will be expected to take the Advanced Placement Examination in Statistics.