Staff in the Spotlight
Staff in the Spotlight: Leslie Nunn

What is your role in Pasco County?
Pasco eSchool's Secretary/Bookkeeper

What do you love about your job?
I love working with the entire eSchool staff, our students and families. I also have a lot of contact with district staff and schools with students that enroll with Pasco eSchool. It really is a great school to work for.

Who or what inspires you?
My Principal, JoAnne Glenn. She has been a strong influence for me and I have learned so much from her both professionally and personally.

Tell us something unique that people may not know about you.
There really isn't anything unique about me except I truly love what I do and I really wouldn't change it. Yes, all jobs have ups/downs, but when you work with the crew that eSchool has - there really aren’t any down days. They will rally around you for whatever reason. I started working at Schrader Elementary School in April 2002, then went to J.W. Mitchell High School and have been with eSchool since it opened 11 years ago. I love being a secretary, have been one for over 35 years.