What is STEM?

Pasco County is proud to have two STEM Magnet Schools Bayonet Point and Centennial Middle Schools. All Bayonet Point and Centennial Middle School classrooms are STEM LATI classrooms. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Learner-Active Technology-Infused Classroom is a comprehensive model for moving students from engagement, to empowerment, to efficacy. In the STEM/LATI classroom, students approach learning through standards-based units of study that begin with a real­-world problem to solve. This motivates them and provides a “felt need” to learn the subject ­area content.

The teacher provides a variety of learning activities, including whole­ group and small group lessons, and activities in which students will engage in individually, in pairs, and in groups. Some activities will involve computer use, and others will not. The teacher acts as a facilitator of learning, tracking each individual student’s progress to ensure that the student is receiving the necessary instruction and learning activities. Teachers present students with science-inspired problems with local or global implications to drive learning. Students use the Design Process to tackle problems using academic content, while applying the mindsets of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. Our STEM magnet schools provide a pathway in which children obtain the 21st century skills needed to become future leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

All students who live in the attendance boundary of a STEM magnet school participate in the magnet theme. Only students from outside of the attendance boundary need to apply through the Pasco Pathways Application. Bus transportation may be provided for magnet students within a designated magnet zone in accordance with district approved procedures. Students will be provided neighborhood stops from within the established attendance boundary, and hub stops may be provided for students living outside the attendance boundary. Hub stops will be located at district school sites. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from designated hubs, or directly to the school. Students living outside of the attendance boundary are not permitted to use stops located within the attendance boundary. All students will be eligible for transportation, except for students living within 2 miles of the school, unless based on statute or hazardous walking conditions exist as defined by Florida Statute 1006.23.

If you are not zoned for a STEM magnet school, view this map to see the school for which you are eligible to apply.


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Bayonet Point Middle School

Centennial Middle School