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 Bid/RFP#  Description Date Solicited Buyer Information Opening Date Board Approved Date
17-001 Special Pay Plan, Fica Alternative Program and Recordkeeping Administration 10/3/2016 Lauren Weber at 10/3/2016 11/10/2016
17-002 Athletic Equipment and Supplies 10/25/2016 Stephanie Swinson at 11/15/2016 12/6/2016
17-004 Independent Auditing 10/25/2016 Deb Mateo at 1/12/2017 TBD
17-007 Relocation of Portables 10/27/2016 Christina Argyelan at 12/6/2016 TBD
17-009 Audio and Video Equipment and Accessories / Projector Bulbs 12/1/2016 Stephanie Bunford at 12/22/2016 TBD
17-010 Environmental Consulting 12/7/16 Deb Mateo at 2/3/17 TBD
17-011 Point of Sale Services – Student Fees 11/10/2016 Lauren Weber at 12/6/2016 TBD


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All vendors are hereby advised that the DSBPC, Purchasing Services Department will open all competitive processes in accordance with Florida Statute Chapter 119.071.

In order for the District to be in compliance with Florida Statute Chapter 286.0113, any questions pertaining to a competitive solicitation must be submitted in writing (i.e., US mail services or a third party mail services company, or email).