Fillable Contract Templates

In an attempt to facilitate the contract process, Purchasing Services has created templates for the most common types of contracts both departments and school sites utilize.

Consultant Agreement
Entertainment Agreement
ML Productions DJ & Photo Booth Agreement

NOTE: Even if the templates above are used, the contract still must be submitted to Purchasing Services via Munis for approval.  Click here for the Munis “Quick Start Guide” for Contract Entry  


District-Wide Agreements

Many school sites utilize the vendors below for services throughout the year.  To secure competitive pricing and streamline the process, Purchasing Services worked directly with these vendors to create district-wide agreements for the following:

Enterprise Car Rental – Effective through 09/29/2020
Gigante Productions, Inc. – Contract #2016001017, effective through 04/14/2018
Tampa Bay Bats – Contract #2016000343 effective through 09/03/2018

NOTE: When contracting with these vendors, please contact to obtain written confirmation of booking.  When making a payment, please reference the contract numbers above.